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Download BanG Dream! 少女樂團派對 latest version apk 4th《BanG Dream! 少女樂團派對》7000個STAR大感謝!

*4th 特別活動!7000個STAR登入送、期間登入免費70抽必中星3角色!
*4th 大感謝!日本知名J-POP歌曲「夜に駆ける」「サムライハート」「SHINY DAYS」「アゲハ蝶」「DAYBREAK FRONTLINE」「Synchrogazer」COVER曲實裝
*4th 夢幻祭登場!星4 「CHU²、瀨田薰、白金燐子、今井莉莎」新卡片限定登場
*少女樂團in Taiwan 紀念貼圖.7款限定貼圖期間登入送
*「困惑、迷惘、抱持著千頭萬緒」共演LIVE活動開放! 和Roselia一起跨越難題!

《BanG Dream! 少女樂團派對》全新連動活動,2021年11月即將登場!

◆日本少女系音樂遊戲《BanG Dream! 少女樂團派對》大家一起玩BanG吧!
.日本高校少女樂團 -「Poppin’ Party」
.王道女孩搖滾樂團 -「Afterglow」
.新生代偶像美少女樂團 -「Pastel*Palettes」
.技巧本格派女子樂團 -「Roselia」
.歡樂X幸運X微笑少女樂團 -「HELLO、 HAPPY WORLD!」

.Don’t Say “lazy” (作詞:大森祥子;作曲:前澤寬之)
.光るなら(作詞・作曲::Goose house)

※ 僅介紹一部份,未來陸續在遊戲內登場


.細膩生動LIVE 2D技術.「樂團少女的日常」全收錄
4th “BanG Dream! Girl Band Party” 7000 STAR thanks!

*4th special event! 7000 STAR logins to give away, during the login period, 70 draws will be free to win 3 stars!
*4th big thanks! Japanese well-known J-POP songs “night に駆ける”, “サムライハート”, “SHINY DAYS” “アゲハ蝶” “DAYBREAK FRONTLINE” “Synchrogazer” cover song actual installation
*The 4th Fantasy Festival is here! Star 4 “CHU², Kaoru Seta, Shirokane Ryoko, Imai Lisa” new card limited debut
*Commemorative stickers for Girls Orchestra in Taiwan. 7 limited stickers during the login period
* “Confused, confused, holding a thousand threads” co-star LIVE event is open! Cross the puzzle with Roselia!

Thanks to all fans for their four-year support and encouragement, let us continue to move forward, our band activities!
“BanG Dream! Girls Band Party” brand new interlocking event, coming soon in November 2021!

◆The Japanese girl music game “BanG Dream! Girls Orchestra Party” Let’s play BanG together!
. Japanese High School Girls Orchestra-“Poppin’ Party”
. Royal Girl Rock Band-“Afterglow”
. New Generation Idol Beautiful Girl Orchestra-“Pastel*Palettes”
. Skills Bengpai Girls’ Orchestra-“Roselia”
. Happy X Lucky X Smiling Girls Orchestra-“HELLO, HAPPY WORLD!”

◆Songs performed by the orchestra-Japan’s popular music chart “LIVE original songs”, and many “famous animated cover songs” are also included!
. Honglian No Bow Arrow (Lyrics/Composer: Revo)
. Don’t Say “lazy” (Lyrics: Omori Shoko; Composer: Maesawa Hiroyuki)
.光るなら (Lyrics/Composer: Goose house)
. Soul のルフラン (Lyrics: Shikawa Mieko・Composer: Toshiyuki Omori)
. Celestial Observation (Lyrics/Composer: Keo Fujiwara)

※ Only part of the introduction, will appear in the game one after another in the future

◆BanG crazy music with friends group. Up to 5 people can work together to perform live!
. Many people perform online live at the same time, let’s group BanG together!
. No physical limitations-crazy challenge to the limit of rhythm, BanG every day!

◆5 exclusive stories for girl bands. let’s start! Our BanG!
. From the establishment of the orchestra to standing on the live stage of the youth track, let’s shine together~
. Liberation Orchestra Story Take the cards, 25 Orchestra Girls Cards are waiting for you to collect
. Delicate and vivid LIVE 2D technology. “The Daily Life of Orchestra Girls” Full Collection
BanG Dream! 少女樂團派對 is free to download. as defined in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Besides, devices should have access to network as this is an online game.


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using screen from dimming.
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Update 2021-10-25
Required Android 4.4+
PlaySTORE ID net.gamon.bdTW

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